A taste of excitement in every box

Getting bored with the same side dishes night after night? Liven up your meals with Larry's® potatoes. With Larry's® potatoes you can choose from three exciting mashed potato varieties ranging from the traditional Sour Cream and Chives to our Bacon & Cheddar Cheese.

Larry's® potatoes can be found in the freezer sections of grocers throughout the United States. All varieties of these supremely spudly side dishes are potatoes at their tastiest. Microwave-ready for heat-and-eat convenience, each potato takes four minutes to prepare from package to plate. Also, each serving comes in its own tray for fast-and-easy cleanup.

So, if life is busy, and you are looking for a tasty snack between work and the kids' soccer practice, count on Larry's® potatoes. Larry's Makes the Meal.™